Case Examples & Results

View some examples of client cases & how Nasseri Legal rose to the occasion on their behalf.

Charged with Felony Possession of Almost 10 Ounces of Heroin For Sale

Facing 2 Years in Prison

Result - 1 Week Community Service and Probation.

Charged with Felony Possession for Sales and Felony Transportation of 17 Pounds of Marijuana

Facing 4 Years in Prison

Result - No custody and reduced to Misdemeanor Possession

Charged with Felony Possession of Psilocybin (aka Hallucinogens)

Facing 18 Months Prison

Result - case dismissed with $750.00 Fine.

Illegal Immigration

Facing Deportation for with DUI causing an accident

Result - Case closed with work authorization

Legal Permanent Resident charged for Money Laundering and Possession of Drug Proceeds in excess of $25,000.00

Facing Deportation

Result - Reinstatement of Residency with no Deportation.

Legal Permanent Resident charged for Aggravated Felony Theft of More than $10,000.00

Facing Deportation

Result - Reinstatement of Residency with no Deportation.

Breach of Contract filed on Behalf of Plaintiff

Facing Breach of Contract

Result - Judgement was issued in excess of the Contract Amount.

Represented Employee Sued by Employer for Close to $150,000.00 in theft and time card fraud

Facing Time card fraud

Result - Case settled for less than 1/3 on a 5 year payment schedule.

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Saman Nasseri is a first generation American of immigrant parents. Mr. Nasseri was born and raised in San Diego. He attended San Diego State University, where he received a Bachelors degree in Political Science. In 2011, Mr. Nasseri graduated from California Western School of Law. Mr. Nasseri is licensed to practice law in California and the Federal Courts.


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    (619) 610-9595