How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Cost

The first question you are likely to ask if accused of a crime is how much will a criminal lawyer cost!

There is not a single billing structure for lawyers. Lawyers will bill by hour, flat, fixed, or contingency. The hourly fee is the most common method. Be aware of which hours will be charged for. Fees can vary depending on if the lawyer charges for the initial consultation or if they offer a free initial consultation. Most attorneys will require an upfront fee. Some will even require payment in full based on the estimate they provide for work.

Lawyers often have a minimum time that they will bill for. Lawyers may require a minimum of 1/6 an hour of work and may start recording for every 1/10 an hour. For more routine cases such as red light tickets lawyers may offer a fixed fee. Contingency fees are used in cases where a monetary award is expected.

A lawyer may also charge a retainer. A retainer is used to help cover the fees in the above fee structures. As you use the money the lawyer will deposit the money in his account. After the money runs out you may be required to make another retainer deposit. The retainer may or may not be refundable.

In addition, to lawyer fees there is often court related fees. To process documents the court will often have set fees. A law office might charge additional fees for faxing and filing documents.

There is always the option of accepting a public defender to represent you if you can not afford the fees of a reputed lawyer. A public defender often is burdened by high case loads and not having enough time to spend on your case. You also do not have the right to fire your public defender and get a new one.

Criminal defense lawyers often will charge flat fees. Flat fees have their benefits because a client knows how much they will have to pay at its outset. It beats waiting for a bill that you don’t know the final price.

Our law offices offers a free initial consultation. The cost of our services are well worth having a lawyer that knows your rights and can offer you the best advice. We are obligated to provide you with the best option available to you. You will be satisfied with your criminal lawyer cost

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